Secure payment

Payment methods

Customers may pay online for their order using a credit or debit card (Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard, American Express) by providing the card number and expiry date as well as the card security code (last three digits at the back of the card) or by PAYPAL.

The customer's bank account shall be charged upon final validation of the order.

Customers declare and guarantee the vendor to having all necessary authorizations to use such a method of payment. Should authorization for a card payment be refused by a bank or in the event of any non-payment of due amounts by the customer, the vendor reserves the right to suspend or cancel any processing of related orders. YS Yogiwear also reserves the right to refuse any further orders to a customer with a history of late payments or absence of payment, whether partial or total on past orders.


As a licensed credit institution within the European Union, PayPal protects banking information through crypting and secure operations and servers. Banking information is never sent or communicated to the payment recipient.

Once a customer has confirmed and validated an order, payment history can be accessed in "My account" or "My purchases" or "History".

The vendor encourages customers to verify payment statements on the website and if an error is spotted, to immediately challenge any transactions with erroneous amounts or contact the customer service department as indicated in article 1 of the present terms of use.

YS Yogiwear has taken all the necessary measures and gone to great lengths of precaution to provide a safe website. Nevertheless, YS Yogiwear can in no way be held responsible for any damage or inconvenience, direct or indirect, resulting or linked to using the internet. Customers are kindly reminded that they remain responsible for verifying the security of any given page used for payment (secure pages include a lock logo + url beginning with "https"). Customers are also reminded that minors or third parties should never be given payment methods. Customers should also never give out pin numbers, codes or passwords to anyone, neither by telephone or email, and that when using the internet, up to date anti-virus protection is highly advisable.

In order to prevent credit card fraud and identity theft, YS Yogiwear reserves the right to ask customers to provide a copy of valid ID and/or proof of address. In such cases, orders shall be placed on standby and labelled as "validation in process" or "standby" until the vendor has received all requested documents. In order to ensure rapid handling of orders, customers commit to providing any requested documents to the vendor within 10 business days of the request. In the event that any requested documents are not be provided, YS Yogiwear reserves the right to cancel any related orders without this opening any rights whatsoever to any type of compensation to the customer.

Should credit card fraud occur on the website, customers are encouraged to immediately contact the vendor as indicated in article 1 of the present terms of use. This shall in no way open any rights or compensation for damages or otherwise to the customer, nor any type of reimbursement by the vendor. To that end, customers will need to contact their bank directly.

Reserve of property

The vendor reserves the right to ownership of products until reception of full payment for orders.  

Electronic signature 

Providing a card number online and validating an order shall be tantamount for proof of customer's agreement, in compliance with dispositions of French act of march 13th 2000:

  • Enforceability of due amounts relative to the order
  • Signature and express agreement to all operations

Proof and electronic archiving

Both parties agree that all electronic data exchanged constitute admissible, valid and opposable evidence with the same evidential force as a signed contract.