Yoga Searcher Paris : Boutique & Yoga Studio

Our yoga studio welcomes you every day of the week. You can book your class directly online using the schedule below. The yoga boutique is open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm.

  • Checkroom available
  • Equipment available on site
  • Reception during store opening hours

Yoga Searcher Paris : Yoga store and studio

Looking for the best place to equip yourself for yoga practice in Paris? Look no further!

Welcome to Paris, the city of love, fashion and now well-being! If you're a yoga enthusiast looking for the best studios and boutiques in Paris, you've come to the right place. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, the French capital is full of incredible places to practice and deepen your yoga practice. Our Paris yoga studio offers a variety of yoga styles, classes for all levels, and a welcoming atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. Whether you prefer energetic Vinyasa, rejuvenating Hatha or soothing Yin, you're sure to find a class to suit your needs. In addition to the studio, our Paris yoga boutique offers a selection of stylish yoga clothing, comfortable mats and quality accessories to complement your practice. You'll also find yoga books, natural products and unique gifts for wellness enthusiasts. Come and visit us at 53 boulevard Beaumarchais and succumb to the charm of our collections!

So get your yoga mat ready and join our thriving community of wellness enthusiasts in our Parisian yoga studio and boutique. Our sales associates Marcela and Charlotte are on hand to advise you on your choice of yoga equipment and classes.

More than just a yoga boutique, Yoga Searcher Paris is a place to live, meet and share common passions. The Yogi Food, Yogi Beauty and Yogi Tools ranges will be added to our clothing line. A colorful staircase takes you straight to our yoga studio.

+33 6 47 13 82 46

53 Boulevard Beaumarchais 75003 Paris