Tips from the team 

Our washing and care tips

We advise you to wash your products delicately in order to make them last over time and protect the materials while keeping their elasticity, softness and colors.

Ideally, place your Yoga Searcher clothes in an underwear pouch before putting them in the machine. Then wash them in a gentle cycle at 30 degrees maximum. Above all, do not tumble dry them, rather dry them flat in the open air. Finally, do not iron them. Some tank tops and T-shirts can be wrinkled: please refer to the care label inside your product.

To find out more about our materials and their specificities, do not hesitate to consult the page dedicated to materials here.

Our tips for putting on your leggings without tearing them

We have all experienced it at one time or another: as soon as you put them on (or sometimes even while putting them on), your leggings tear! Nothing could be more annoying... We've put together 3 simple and effective tips, summarized in 3 steps, especially for you!

Step 1: Before putting on your leggings, start by completely rolling one leg of the tights up to the toe area. When seated, unroll the tights to above the knee.

Step 2: You can then gently pull the tights up over the legs and around the hips to the waist.

Step 3: Taking the fabric in your hand, adjust and stretch the fabric on the thighs.

Repeat all the steps for the other leg. Your leggings are intact and you are ready for a yoga class!

Find our dedicated blog article here and our explanatory Youtube video here.

To make sure you are not mistaken about your size, don't hesitate to consult our size guide here or to contact our team directly for personalized advice: on the website chat, on our social networks or on the email address

Our tips for cleaning your yoga mat

Here are our tips for making your own washing solution for your yoga mat!

Make sure you have a 150ml spray bottle. Pour into your bottle:

- 37.5ml of white vinegar

- 112.5ml of water

Either 1/4 of white vinegar and 3/4 of water that you can adapt to any capacity.

Spray a few drops on your carpet and wipe with a dry cloth. It can be used on all carpets except latex and rubber. Natural, ecological, antibacterial, without coloring agents or preservatives, you can also use this mat spray to sanitize living rooms or yoga studios!

To avoid : Laundry detergent and Marseille soap.

Take care of yourself and your carpet! Find our dedicated blog article here.