Our commitments

Since our inception in 2014, our commitment to local production in Europe has manifested itself through our label workshops, where each product is carefully crafted with love and expertise. By nurturing long-lasting relationships with our partner factories, we cultivate an environment of trust, where excellence meets social responsibility.

Soft, natural materials


Le Bambou

Why we love bamboo fiber?

Comfortable whatever the weather: Bamboo's thermoregulating properties make it one of our best allies. This means that our bamboo sportswear will keep you cool on hot days and warm during cold snaps, without overheating or excessively cooling your body temperature.

Eco-friendly fiber: This natural fiber is sustainable and environmentally friendly because bamboo requires fewer agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides and water than other types of fabric.

Soft and durable: Bamboo provides ultimate comfort, a feeling you'll want to wear all the time. Combining unsurpassed softness with exceptional durability, our bamboo products offer a comfort experience that stands the test of time.
cotton fabric


Don't Panic, it's Organic!

A material that breathes: Cotton is a natural fiber through which air passes easily. That's why, when you wear our cotton T-shirts, you can still feel the fresh air on your skin.

Organic fiber: The organic cultivation of cotton aims to reduce its impact on the environment. Organic cotton uses much less water and contains no GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

Durable and easy-care: Unlike other fabrics that require delicate handling, cotton is extremely durable and can be easily washed to remove stains. High-quality cotton doesn't lose its color or shape over time. So your yoga outfit will look as good as new after just a few washes.


Go with the Flow!

Made from wood: Lyocell is a synthetic fabric, but made from wood pulp.

As soft as silk: One of the best things about lyocell is its soft feel. Think of pleasant natural fabrics like cotton, but with the softness turned up a notch. Rather than trees, it's almost as if Lyocell were made from clouds.

It's fresh: Breathable and less sensitive to odors, Lyocell is an excellent choice for all types of sports and exercise. Lyocell dries very quickly and is very cool, making it an ideal fabric for hot yoga or bikram.

Taking care of the planet and doing good for your body, that's our commitment Yoga Searcher.

Our guarantees

A team of passionate yogis

Every garment we design is approved by our expert riders. We put comfort, technicality and durability at the heart of our work. Discover garments lovingly designed to enrich your yoga practice.

Seamless technology

At Yoga Searcher, our commitment to the environment is also reflected in our innovative manufacturing choices. We use seamless knitting techniques not only to enhance your comfort, but also to dramatically reduce fabric waste.

a European production

Our garment manufacturing facilities are located in Europe, in Portugal. This enables us to guarantee optimized working conditions that meet European standards. What's more, this proximity also enables us to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting and sourcing our products, by ensuring that they are transported by road rather than by air.

Logistics that do their best

Our logistics department strives to process your orders as quickly as possible, with shipping times of 24 to 48 hours. Beyond our efficiency in meeting your needs, we have put in place measures to reuse parcels and promote biodegradable packaging. As far as possible, we avoid overstocking by integrating unsold products into the next collection or last chance category.

People who always listen

We are very proud of our after-sales service, which is quick to respond to all your requests. We like to stay accessible and in close contact with our customers, so that together we can develop YogaSearcher further.