Our philosophy

Yoga Searcher is a project born between ocean and land, a couple of minutes away from Hossegor. On the way to happiness, envelop your body and your mind of the most beautiful coat. Our main concerns are well-being and preserving the environment.

Bénédicte Peroz, yoga enthusiast, and François Payot, one of the founders of the Rip Curl brand, decided to transform a farm in the Landes region into a yoga retreat center. Seduced by the concept, Dune Payot, CEO, decided to introduce a clothing range.

It is in this idyllic environment that Yoga Searcher concept was born, inviting to an initiatory journey into the yoga universe. Today, the brand encompasses a collection of natural yoga clothing which has been ecologically designed, a range of dedicated yoga accessories, two magnificent retreat centers as well as a line of beauty products designed to extend the feeling of well-being from yoga beyond the session.

Vegetal colors, inspired by naturefabrics softness, and jacquard exclusive patterns are today the brand signature. Clothes designed for yoga practice but also adapted for everyday life.