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YogaSearcher brick guide

In the world of yoga, every accessory has a crucial role to play in deepening and refining the practice. Yogasearcher, known for its commitment to quality and aesthetics, offers cork yoga bricks (also known as yoga blocks) from Portugal, giving its practitioners the support they need. .

What are yoga bricks?

Yoga bricks are versatile and essential tools for yoga practitioners, offering extra support in postures and enabling body alignment to be adjusted for a more comfortable and rewarding practice.

Why use a yoga brick?

The use of these bricks deepens the practice by offering support for beginners, extension for advanced practitioners and adaptability for all. They promote correct body alignment and reduce the risk of injury.

How to use a yoga brick

Incorporating a yoga brick into your practice can transform your experience by providing essential support. Place it under different parts of the body to adjust and perfect your postures. Use our yoga bricks :

As support: In postures such as Lizard Pose, Virasana or Malasana.

For strength: In postures such as Raven or Chaturanga.

To enhance flexibility: in postures such as seated flexion, downward dog or half-moon.

To simply relax: In postures such as bridge, plough or butterfly stretch.

How to choose your yoga brick

Choosing the right yoga brick involves considering criteria such as size, density and durability. Yogasearcher offers different options to meet the specific needs of every yogi.

How do I maintain a yoga block?

To prolong the life of your yoga brick, regular maintenance is crucial. Clean it with a damp cloth and let it air-dry. Avoid exposing it to excessive heat to preserve its quality.

YogaSearcher manufacturing and design

Our bricks, fashioned from sustainable, eco-friendly cork, offer natural texture, superior grip and stable support, while minimizing our carbon footprint. Yogasearcher's unique designs bring a touch of elegance and humor to these accessories.

Yogasearcher yoga bricks are more than just accessories. They represent a commitment to quality, style and support for a rewarding yoga practice. Make these bricks your ally in taking your practice to the next level.