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Yoga in pants is possible

During a yoga session, the positions follow one another and are sometimes complex. The body bends and stretches, but also seeks intense relaxation. To meet your needs in this discipline, some yoga garments are more suitable than others, and should be chosen with care. Discover our range of yoga pants designed to comfortably follow your movements. Each piece is incomparably light and supple. Made in Portugal, our yoga pants embody the perfect harmony between functionality, quality and respect for the environment.

Pants for every body type

At YogaSearcher, we offer a wide range of yoga pants to suit every body type. We offer sweatpants. Some have a high waistband, which can be turned inside out or not, to keep the abdominal strap in place, encompassing the belly in a high or folded position, without constricting, and adapting to every body type. If you're looking for a garment that provides a cocooning sensation during your workout, our pants could well become a must-have. If you're looking to gently refine your silhouette, we recommend Jaïpur, our new bamboo pants flared at the calf. If you're looking for fluidity and the ultimate in comfort, we recommend Ravana, with its wide, straight cut.

Comfort and materials

Our yoga pants are made from cotton, lyocell or bamboo. Cotton feels soft and breathable, while lyocell is exceptionally light and fluid. Bamboo, on the other hand, is an eco-friendly fiber, keeping your skin cool and dry as you practice. You'll feel comfortable and free in all your postures. Some of our pants feature an elastic waistband, so they can be tightened at the waist.

Ethical choice

When you choose our yoga pants, you're also opting for ethical, responsible production. Made in Portugal, each piece is crafted according to strict standards of quality and respect for workers. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact and supporting sustainable fashion. Whether you're a passionate yogi or just looking for a comfortable pair of pants for your moments of relaxation, our yoga pants are the perfect choice.

Our yoga pants are essential pieces to have in your wardrobe for your yoga practices, your mediation sessions, but also to wear every day to mix with your basics!